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Why can cancellations not be accepted more than 24-hours following placement of my order?

  • Once your order has been received, the order will be processed and packed and subsequently shipped at the first available opportunity usually within a 48 hour period.  If there are any queries noted on receipt of your order, such as availability of colours, special requests, etcetera, we will be in touch to clarify prior to processing your order.

In the case of beads and/or jewellery, will my purchase/s be identical to those shown on the website?

  • Every single bead is handmade individually therefore there may be slight variations in size, shape and design/pattern. The same applies to jewellery.
  • How are the beads/jewellery presented?
  • Your beads will arrive wrapped in tissue paper in either a padded bag or a small cardboard box, such as a CD box or video box.  Presentation boxes are available if required.  Please make a note in the comment section when placing your order.
  • Jewellery will be wrapped in tissue and/or gift packaged, depending on the size of the item.

My order includes a gift – can you include a personalised note with the order?

  • Absolutely!  I am very happy to include a personalised message on a tag to be included with the gift package.  Gift wrapping can also be supplied.  No pricing details or invoice will be included in the package. Please make a note in the comment section when placing your order.

How often are new items added to your website?

  • The frequency of updates is dependent on time and inspiration.  creativity can be difficult to predict and control. It can come and go in unexpected ways, and often requires a certain mindset or environment to flourish. Some people find that they are more creative at certain times of the day or in certain settings, while others may struggle to be creative no matter the circumstances. However, many experts believe that creativity can be cultivated and developed with practice and by exposing oneself to new experiences and perspectives.
  • The frequency is also heavily influenced by other commitments such as study, visitors, other tasks that need to be completed…..updating this FAQ page would be a good example!
  • To ensure you are the first to know of new listings, new artists and upcoming events, subscribe to the mailing list and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Do you offer wholesale pricing or bulk discounts?

  • No, simply because every single item is handmade and it is not viable to offer discounts or wholesale prices.  If, when buying beads and jewellery, a particular design is required for you repetitively, a sample or samples would be made and based on that, pricing could be discussed.

Do you take commissions or special orders?

  • Happy to discuss commissions or special orders.  Please contact me either via email at or call me on +61 754 763999.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to send them to us using the contact form.

Please visit regularly to see what is new.  Feel free to contact us me if you have a special request or want ‘Made to Order’ bigger or smaller sets, etcetera.